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On Demand December 9, 2009

Assessment and Treatment of Depression in the Elderly

Broadcast Date: December 9, 2009 | (2 hours)
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Program Overview

Millions of elderly Americans are affected by depression. Symptoms are often displayed differently, or even mistaken for aging, so depression in the elderly can be hard to diagnose. Studies show depression tends to last longer in elderly adults, often times doubling their risk of cardiac disease and death from illness. Discover how you can make a difference – help someone’s later years be truly golden.

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Target Audience

Home health nurses, home health social workers. This is a Required In-service for Elderly and Disable Waiver and HIV/AIDS Waiver Case Management Staff for calendar year 2009.

Contact Hours

None for this program.

Contact for Technical Assistance

Call 334-206-5618 or email ALPHTN.

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