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On Demand June 1, 2010

Bridging the Communication Gap Between Physicians and Patients: Understanding Functional Health Literacy Issues Related to Prostate Cancer

Broadcast Date: June 1, 2010 | (2 hours)
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Dr. Kathryn Chapman Handouts (3 pages)
Dr. Joan Landry Handouts (9 pages)
Robin Rawls Handouts (13 pages)
Dr. Michael Wolf Handouts (10 pages)
Health Literacy Survey (4 pages)
Literacy Guide (136 pages, 1 MB)
Resource Guide (36 pages)
Screening for Prostate Cancer Video

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Program Overview

This program will help educate physicians and patients about the importance of clear communication when discussing health related issues.

For more information, view the conference flyer.

Target Audience

Physicians, nurses, public health educators, cancer researchers, any individual or health care professional caring for a cancer patient

Contact Hours

None for this program.

Contact for Technical Assistance

Call 334-206-5618 or email ALPHTN.

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