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On Demand May 10, 2018

Financial Exploitation of Senior Alabamians - The Scams, Pain, and Tactics for Prevention

Broadcast Date: May 10, 2018 | 1 hour, 30 minutes
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Program Overview

Financial and health care scams are on the rise. This program will discuss the top senior financial scams and provide important information that will help you be a smart fraud detector to help your clients and family. Program faculty will also provide details on how to report fraud and abuse.

For more information, view the conference flyer.

Target Audience

Nurses, social workers, public health professionals, health educators, family caregivers, and others who work with the aging population or would like to know more about health care fraud and senior scams

Contact Hours

Nurses 1.5 hours, Social Workers 1.5 hours

Contact for Technical Assistance

Call 334-206-5618 or email ALPHTN.

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