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Scoring System

The overall score determines the reinspection schedule and the use of enforcement actions:

A score of 85 to 100 - Establishments are considered to be in satisfactory compliance and are inspected on routine schedule.

A score of 70 to 84 - Establishments require a follow-up inspection within 60 days.

A score of 60 to 69 - Establishments require follow-up and reinspection within 48 hours.

A score below 60 - Establishments are closed immediately.

Priority/Priority Foundation Violations

These violations have a higher point value and are identified in red on the inspection report. These items are required to be corrected as soon as possible but not to exceed three days for priority violations and ten days for priority foundation violations regardless of the overall score. Any food items found out of compliance with public health standards are removed from sale and discarded regardless of the overall score. The priority/priority foundation violations by category are:

Management and Personnel - Critical Violations

  • Assignment of Person in Charge; Commissary used. Personnel with infections restricted, excluded. No discharges from eyes, nose, mouth.
  • Hands clean; properly washed. No bare hand contact; approved alternative. No eating, drinking, tobacco use.
  • Demonstration of knowledge: Approved course, other requirements met.

Food - Priority/Priority Foundation Violations

  • Safe; Source; Condition; Not adulterated; Shellstock tags; Compliance with plan/ROP. Other.
  • Potentially hazardous food meets temperature requirements during receiving, cooking, hot holding, cooling. Pasteurized eggs used if required.
  • Potentially hazardous food meets temperature requirements during cold holding. Time as a public health control. Consumer Advisory used if required.
  • Food separated, protected from contamination. Tasting. Returned, reservice of food.

Equipment, Utensil, and Linens - Priority/Priority Foundation Violations

  • Equipment; food contact surfaces (non-cooking) clean; sanitized. Sanitization temperature, concentration, time.
  • Food contact surfaces characteristics. Single service/use used when required.

Water, Plumbing, and Waste - Priority/Priority Foundation Violations

  • Water: Source, Quality, Capacity. System: Approved.
  • Sewage, grease disposal: System approved; Flushed (mobile).
  • Cross connection; Back siphonage; Backflow.
  • Handwashing facilities; Toilets: Number, location.

Physical Facilities - Priority/Priority Foundation Violations

  • Food contamination from cleaning equipment prevented.
  • Presence of insects, rodents, other pests, Animals prohibited.

Poisonous or Toxic Materials - Priority/Priority Foundation Violations

  • Toxic or poisonous items; Medicines; First aid materials: Stored; Labeled; Used.

Page last updated: May 13, 2021