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HCCA provides the following services:

  • Visits by Nurse Health Consultants to child care centers, homes, and relative care providers or telephone consultation in all Alabama counties.
  • On-site consultation and assessment of the health and safety risks in the child care setting when requested.
  • Linkage of children, families, and child care providers with community health resources and promotion of child health visits to primary health care providers.
  • Assistance with the professional development of child care providers through direct staff training or the coordination of training with regional child care management agencies.
  • Provision of health and safety information and training - such as CPR, First Aid, playground safety, oral health, nutrition, immunizations, and infection control - to parents, child care providers, and community members as requested.
  • Assistance to child care providers with the integration of children with special health care needs into the typical child care environment.
  • Provision of information and support to child care providers and families regarding recognizing children with developmental delays and assistance with referrals to Child Find or other community health services.
  • Advocacy to promote quality child care in the community.

"Quality Child Care" is more than just baby sitting!

Page last updated: May 13, 2021