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Provided below are LCMS training videos. Expand each video panel to view videos. After watching the tutorial, click the links under "Try It Now" to review training.

How to Create an Account

Before you create an account, be sure to check to see if you have one.

Create an LCMS Account

Updating Your Password

LCMS usernames may not be changed - passwords may be updated.

Try it Now! Update your Password

How to Access & Log In

This video shows how to access the LCMS and log in using your credentials.

Try it Now! How to Access & Log In

How to Edit Your Profile

Please note you must be logged in to edit your profile.

Try it Now! Edit your Profile

Retrieve Username and Password

Use the link below if you need to retrieve your credentials.

Try it Now! Retrieve Username and Password

Searching for a Course

This video will demonstrate the steps to find an LCMS course.

Try it Now! Search for a Course

Access My Transcript

Your transcript will provide any courses or trainings your have completed.

Try it Now! Access my Transcript.

Joining a Waiting List

The waiting list allows users to join a course when registration is full.

Log in to LCMS

How to Print a Class Roster

Please note you must have access to Courseware Management/Instructor Area for this feature.

Try it Now! Print Class Roster

How to Export from General Reports

This video shows how to export LCMS form data(appropriate access needed).

Try it Now! Export from General Reports



Page last updated: May 13, 2021