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Public Charity Hospital Board

Act No. 298 enacted by the Alabama State Legislature on August 26, 1955 authorizes the governing body of any County in the State of Alabama having a population of at least 125,000 and not more than 225,000 people according to the 1950 or any succeeding regular decennial federal census, and the governing body of any municipality located in such county, to create a Joint Public Charity Hospital Board.

For more complete information about the establishment of the Joint Public Charity Hospital Board, you may read Act No. 298 in its entirety. The Board's By-Laws provide information on officers, meetings, location of meetings, and meeting frequency.

The Joint Public Charity Hospital Board is responsible for the direction, supervision, administration, and promotion of charity hospitals, clinics, and medical programs that will contribute to the general welfare of the residents of Montgomery County.

Board Members for 2022

  • Albert Holloway, M.D., Chairman
    Montgomery, Alabama
  • Rob Steindorf
    Pike Road, Alabama
  • Mary McIntyre, M.D.
    Montgomery, Alabama
  • Henry Frazer, Pharm. D.
    Montgomery, Alabama
  • Ms. Mary B. Weidler
    Montgomery, Alabama
  • Timothy N. Hatch 
    Montgomery, Alabama
  • Carey Owens 
    Montgomery, Alabama

For more information you may call the Joint Public Charity Hospital Board at (334) 293-6501. You may also email the Board.

Page last updated: May 20, 2022