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Telehealth is a statewide program with sixty-five county health departments equipped with telehealth carts.  Collaborating with fifteen healthcare agencies, ADPH staff facilitate services such as nephrology, neurology, cardiology, behavioral health, genetic counseling, maternal-fetal medicine, HIV/AIDS, and diabetes education.  The Telehealth equipment is also utilized by ADPH staff for meetings and training events.

The Telehealth office manages several grants that provide for the deployment of the carts and specialty equipment, and funding for county health department staff, primarily nurses and social workers who are trained as “telepresenters,” to operate the equipment during the telehealth appointments.  ADPH continues to improve and increase the usage opportunities of the telehealth carts with new equipment such as new Bluetooth stethoscopes and other peripheral devices.

ADPH Telehealth Videos/News Clips

ADPH Telehealth Calendar

The Telehealth Calendar is for ADPH employees and ADPH collaborating partners so they can view telehealth clinics as they are scheduled at County Health Departments. If you are not an ADPH employee or telehealth collaborating partner, you will not have access to this Calendar.

ADPH Telehealth Calendar

Additional ADPH Telehealth Information/Articles

Southeast States and Telemedicine

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Page last updated: April 17, 2023