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Wellness Of Women (WOW)

The Wellness of Women (WOW) Speakers Bureau was developed by the Alabama Department of Public Health Office of Women’s Health Steering Committee to promote the health of women throughout the state by facilitating and coordinating evidence-based information and education about women’s health.

The WOW Speakers Bureau features great public communicators who are experts in women’s health, and focus on specific issues affecting women’s health through the lifespan. WOW speakers are physicians, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, social workers, community health advocates and other healthcare providers who are qualified expert speakers available for any audience interested in learning more about specific women’s health issues.

Meet the WOW Speakers

Request a Speaker

Requests for speakers can be submitted to the Office of Women’s Health, which will handle speaker assignment, scheduling, and related arrangements. This is a free service, thus speaker assignment is based off of the availability of the WOW members.

To schedule a speaker for your group, please submit the WOW Speakers Request Form online, or submit the downloadable Speakers Request Form by email to [email protected] or mail to the Office of Women's Health.

Join the Speakers Bureau

The WOW Speakers Bureau members volunteer their time to offer presentations on various women’s health topics with civic organizations, churches, businesses and community groups across the state of Alabama. Although there is no cost for this service, speaker assignment is subject to availability of WOW members. The purpose of the WOW Speakers Bureau is to empower every woman in Alabama to engage in healthy living and improve the overall health status of women in our state.

To be eligible to join the WOW Speakers Bureau, an applicant must:

  • Be an expert in the area of topic (by number of years or experience)
  • Be able to present evidence-based material congruent with the OWH vision and mission.
  • Agree to speak at least twice a year.
  • Agree to speak during one of the Office of Women’s Health Steering Committee quarterly meetings upon request.
  • To apply, download the WOW Speakers Bureau Application and submit it to the Office of Women's Health.

Page last updated: August 18, 2023