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Communication Tools

Communication is critical during emergencies. It is essential that each community is informed about specific procedures they should follow during medical emergencies including important safety information, such as shelter locations and containment procedures. The community should also be informed how they can plan in advance along with what procedures the county has in place for medical response.

ADPH has the following communication tools available to assist with medical emergency response:


The Alabama Emergency Response Technology (ALERT) system is a secure, Internet-based emergency alert notification system. When emergencies, such as disease outbreaks, bioterrorism, natural disasters, or large-scale accidents occur, the ALERT system notifies first responders and emergency preparedness teams.  Accounts are limited to Emergency Preparedness and other designated staff, and messages are sent on a need-to-know basis to contacts listed on a roster of ADPH employees and others.  Accounts and the roster are maintained by CEP staff. 


The Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is a learner-support system as well as the main source of information of ADPH-sponsored trainings and exercises. LCMS is a web-based system utilizing an online registration process, creating an efficient method of providing information and training. LCMS allows anytime access to many ADPH training opportunities with easy registration and enrollment. There are a variety of courses available and user transcripts reflect completion of those trainings.

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The Alabama Incident Management System (AIMS) is a computer software program that allows ADPH to monitor hospitals, nursing homes, ambulance resources, medical-needs shelters, and community health centers during times of disaster. If an emergency situation occurs that warrants the standing up of the State Incident Command System, a healthcare provider may be asked to logon to the AIMS website and enter requested resource data.

ADPH, in conjunction with the Governor’s Office and Alabama Emergency Management Agency (AEMA), will use this data to assist healthcare organizations and coordinate the emergency medical response. For information regarding liability, please refer to the Emergency Management Act (Alabama Code - Article 1, Sections 31-9-1 through 31-9-4).

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Page last updated: May 13, 2021