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eWIC Vendor Improvements

Smoother Transaction at the Register

  • Store employees are no longer the “WIC Police.” WIC food items will be identified by the cash register system at the time of purchase.
  • Each WIC-approved item will be maintained in the Universal Product Code (UPC) database, providing stores with a more accurate description of WIC-approved items. *Alabama WIC will maintain the UPC database with the assistance of our authorized WIC vendors. This database will be updated regularly to ensure all authorized WIC items are available for purchase.
  • eWIC will reduce the number of non-approved WIC items being purchased because non-WIC items will be identified during scanning. Incorrect package size and/or quantity will not be allowed when using the eWIC card.

Automatic Electronic Claim Payments

  • eWIC eliminates paper WIC checks, reducing paperwork and streamlining back-end processing. The store’s account will be credited within 24 to 48 hours for food benefits redeemed by participants. In addition, staff will no longer be responsible for applying the WIC vendor stamp because claims are submitted and paid electronically.

Reduced Time “In Lane”

  • Participant authentication is managed through the use of a participant PIN, eliminating the need for the cashier to verify the signature on the check with the signature on the WIC ID folder.
  • The WIC customer will no longer be required to separate individual family members’ WIC items during checkout.

eWIC at Self-Checkout

eWIC at self-checkout is a new interest of the Alabama WIC Program that we are excited to offer our WIC families! Any WIC-approved vendors interested in eWIC at self-checkout should contact the State WIC Office for more information to complete testing and approvals for their stores. The following vendors have been approved to offer eWIC at self-checkout.

  • Walmart
  • Kroger
  • S&S Foods
  • Winn Dixie

Check back often as we will continue to post eWIC self-checkout updates.

Page last updated: May 3, 2023