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On Demand March 27, 2008

The Reasons For and Key Elements of Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)

Broadcast Date: March 27, 2008 | (1 hour, 30 minutes)


Handouts (8 pages)

Resources for COOP
COOP Template (8 pages)
COOP Template Instructions (13 pages)
Pandemic Influenza COOP Annex Template Instructions (4 pages)

ALL Operational Plan Reference Documents
Departmental Pandemic Influenza Operational Plans (12 pages)

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Program Overview

The presentation: (1) introduces the concept of continuity of operations and define its objectives and scope, (2) defines the organizational context of a continuity of operations policy, (3) offers an outline for a continuity of operations plan, and (4) emphasizes the importance of broad organizational participation in the development, training, and testing of continuity of operations plans.

For more information, view the conference flyer.

Target Audience

Leaders in the private and public sector who are unfamiliar with COOP; leaders in these sectors familiar with COOP, but who have not engaged in the process of developing a COOP; rural public health practitioners; community planners; command and control personnel; public health and medical students; all public health professionals and their partners with whom they will need to communicate in a public health emergency.

Contact Hours

None for this program.

Contact for Technical Assistance

Call 334-206-5618 or email ALPHTN.

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