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Webcast Test Connections

Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox or the VLC Player are Required to View Live Webcasts

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the easiest way to view the webcast. Go to to view the livestream.

Microsoft Edge

If you are viewing the live webcast in Microsoft Edge, click the magnifying glass next to the Windows Start button. Type Edge. Select Microsoft Edge browser. Open in the Edge browser. Click View Today’s Live Webcast link in the middle of the page. Select the Watch Webcast - Click Here link. When prompted, click the Keep going in Microsoft Edge link.  

Google Chrome

Open your Chrome browser and click this link below to get the Chrome browser extension, then click the "Add to Chrome" button.


If you are viewing the live webcast in Firefox, you will need to add either the HLS.js Playback extension or the Native MPEG-DASH + HLS Playback extension. Open the Firefox browser and go to the Firefox Browser Add-ons page at to add either extension. Close Firefox browser. Re-open Firefox browser and then go to . Click View Today’s Live Webcast link. Select the Click Here link next to Watch Webcast.

VLC Player

If you are viewing the webcast with a VLC player, click the magnifying glass icon on your bottom toolbar and type VLC. If you do not have the player, you will need to have it installed prior to accessing the webcast. Once the player opens, click CTRL+N, or select Media, Open Network Stream from the toolbar menu, copy and paste the streaming link into the network URL textbox, and click play.


Technical Support

Call (334) 206-5618 or email ALPHTN.

Disclaimer: There is a chance that downloading third-party software to your machine could allow malware to infect your computer, which could result in a loss of private information, intruder attacks, or other serious affects. The Alabama Department of Public Health will not be responsible for any losses or damages that occur as a result of third-party software installation.

Page last updated: November 30, 2023