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Sewage Holding Tanks

Cherokee Board of Health Regulations - Chapter 13‐1: Sewage Holding Tanks Regulations

These rules require:

1) Holding tanks for the temporary retention of sewage from dwellings, establishments, and permanent or long-term placement recreational vehicles located within Alabama Power Company’s flood easement around Weiss Lake, where no public or private sanitary sewer systems are available.

2) Applications on forms prepared by the Cherokee County Health Department. Each application must be accompanied by a copy of a written contract with a licensed pumper permitted by the Cherokee County Health Department for periodic pumping of the holding tank as needed.

Download Application for a permit to install/use an onsite sewage disposal holding tank.

3) The owner or owner’s agent to obtain a permit from the Cherokee County Health Department before installation or use of a holding tank.

4) Cherokee County Health Department to inspect all holding tanks before permits are issued. Holding tank sizing requirements are to be based upon projected sewage flow accumulation.


Initial temporary holding tank permit: $150.00
Several site visits may be required before an initial permit is issued and approval to use a holding tank is granted. The permit for a temporary holding tank will expire at the end of the permit period which shall not exceed one year.

Annual renewal of a holding tank permit: $100.00
Late fee for annual renewal: Minimum $25.00/Maximum $50.00
Any client previously issued a holding tank permit may submit an application for renewal. The permit renewal process should require fewer site visits than had been required for the initial holding tank permit.

Enforcement Process

Failure to comply will result in a notice of violation and a reasonable opportunity to comply before civil fines are imposed.

For more information about obtaining a permit, contact the Cherokee County Health Department at (256) 927-3132.

Page last updated: May 13, 2021