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The RSA Tower - Requests

Basement Archives Access

Office representatives can check out a key to the basement archives room by coming to Suite 1510 in The RSA Tower. Be sure to turn the key toward the door opening to unlock it completely. Turn the key opposite the door opening to open the door. Note that the door will remain locked.

Building, Suite, Office, and Workstation Keys

Building, suite, office, and workstation keys are requested through each bureau director. Building access after hours is also authorized by your bureau director. A building access card is required to enter The Tower. Employees, contact your supervisor and follow chain-of-command. Bureau directors may email a request

Work Order Request

Cubicle, office, restroom, breakroom and other miscellaneous items that need the attention for maintenance should be submitted to Keith Dykes and Facilities Management by completing the work order request form. This form must be sent in order for work to be completed.

Office Furniture

Need office furniture moved? Contact Elmore Correctional Facility for Inmates by calling (334) 567-1460.


Recycle matters are handled by Environmental Services: (334) 206-5373. Please break down boxes before placing them in the cardboard recycle container on the loading dock. Do not leave boxes for housekeeping. Blue recycle cans are available from any supply store.


Employee name signs for workstations are purchased through any office supply company. Check with your office manager or representative for details.

Office signs must meet ADA requirements, and should be printed by Facilities Management staff. Employees, contact your supervisor and follow chain-of-command. Bureau directors may email a request.

Having a meeting and need directional signs? Facilities Management has four sign stands available for your use. Make your paper sign landscape, so it can be placed in the pockets on these signs. Come to Suite 1510 in The RSA Tower or call us as (334) 206-5218 and let us know how many you need and when you need them. Remember, signs can be placed only in the corridors and elevator lobbies of the Department's tenant floors, but not on the first floor. If you have additional signs available for Department use, please email Facilities Management.

Page last updated: February 27, 2023