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Plan Review

In addition to the material below, please also refer to the Provider Services for Health Care Facility Rules and Facilities Directory and the Pre-Licensure Filing for information. This filing is to be completed by the owner and submitted to Provider Services, and is now required for all new healthcare facilities that must submit building plans and specifications for review. This filing must be submitted and approved before plans will be reviewed.

Plan and Fee Submittal

Plan Review Forms

All forms used for Plan Review must be updated, with outdated forms discarded from your office and computer. In addition, please ensure that the ADPH Project Number is listed on all correspondence, including plans.

Online Forms that Calculate

Note: Data may not save with versions lower than Adobe Reader 5. Adobe Reader 8 is recommended.

  • Transmittal Form (Revised 05/19/16)
    Complete on-screen, print, and submit with all plans for each stage. Use this ADPH form even if you are submitting your own Letter of Transmittal. This includes sprinkler plans.

  • Initial Plan Review Fee The initial $600 submittal fee is due with Preliminary Plans on most projects. Refer to "Payment of Plan Review Fees" and "Submission of Plans and Specifications for Health Care Facilities" for details. Remember to include the Transmittal Form. This fee increased to $600 on August 1, 2016.

  • Final Plan Review Approval Fee Worksheet
    Final Plan Review Approval Fee is due and acceptable after the Final Stage plans are approved, prior to submitting a request for an inspection. Remember to include the latest construction cost estimate with this worksheet and check. For Additional Plan Review Fees, please consult with our office. This fee worksheet was corrected on August 4, 2017.

  • Final Inspection Fee Worksheet
    Final Inspection (Initial Inspection) Fee is due and acceptable after the Inspection is complete and prior to the request of additional inspections, if applicable. The "fees previously paid" includes the Preliminary fee and Final Plan Review Approval fee, per project. Remember to include the latest contractor's pay request with this worksheet and check. Fees increased on August 1, 2016.

  • Additional Fees Worksheet
    A form for Additional Plan Review Fees and for Additional Inspection Fees. Please consult with our office for Additional Plan Review Fees. The Additional Inspection fee is due after each additional inspection, but prior to submitting a request for another additional inspection, if applicable.

Dietary Requirements

(As adopted by Environmental Services)

Any questions Regarding FDA requirements, Please visit  Environmental Rules.

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