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Food Service Sanitation

The Environmental Health Division is responsible for the permitting and inspection of over 700 establishments located within the City of Dothan and Houston County. Public Health Environmentalists make inspections of every establishment within the county where food and beverages are prepared or served and offered for sale to the public. Inspections are conducted in restaurants, school lunchrooms, mobile food units, concession units at temporary events, day care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, bakeries, bars, food processing plants, and detention facilities.

Prior to the construction or remodeling of any establishment, plans must be submitted to the Health Department for review and approval before construction begins. The booklet General Information on Starting a Restaurant Business in Alabama contains general information for individuals considering building, remodeling, or equipping a food service business. This information is basic and does not satisfy all the rules of the State Board of Health.

Inspections of permitted establishments are conducted as required by the food regulations and are based on a 100 point scale. However, establishments scoring less than 85 are inspected monthly until a score of 85 or better is maintained. For more information on food service sanitation, contact the Houston County Health Department at (334) 678-2815.

To view Food Service Scores from Houston County as well as other counties in Alabama, visit Food Establishment Scores.

Page last updated: May 13, 2021