Renovation Certification

State Registration for a Renovation Firm is a Three (3) Step Process

1. Successfully completing training from an Alabama Approved Renovator Training Provider.

2. Register and obtain accreditation as an individual using the Safe State Lead Renovator Individual Application.

3. Get your firm certification/license with the Alabama Department of Public Health by mail using the Application for Certification of Lead Renovation Contractors or renew online. To Renew your Lead Renovation Certification online follow this link and the online instruction manual.

Chapter 420-3-29 - Renovation Contractor Certification

All firms which offer to perform or performs any of the lead-based paint renovation activities described in Alabama's lead rules must have certification from the Alabama Department of Public Health. The company must have at least one individual who is accredited by and registered with the Safe State Environmental Program at the University of Alabama as a Renovator to be certified as a respective firm.

Do not submit an application for firm certification to the Alabama Department of Public Health prior to receiving individual accreditation for "Lead Renovator" from the Safe State Environmental Program at the University of Alabama. Safe State's Application should be provided by the training provider. To contact Safe State by phone, call 1-800-421-7141

Safe State Lead Renovator Individual Application

An application for Certification of Lead Renovation Contractors shall be submitted to the Alabama Department of Public Health in order to receive State of Alabama approval to conduct lead-based paint Renovation activities (per Code of Alabama as authorized by Act No. 97-553, the Lead Reduction Act of 1997).

Application for Certification of Lead Renovation Contractors

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Enter your Safe State Renovator number (LRN #) and expiration date. Indicate your Discipline(s). Indicate if this application is for an initial, renewal or replacement certificate.
  • If this application is for a renewal certification (license), indicate your current Alabama Department of Health Certification number.
  • Enter your firms Alabama Tax Identification Number or your Federal Employer Identification Number.
  • On the application, enter the firm's full name, street address, city, state, and zip code as it should appear on the certificate. Please fill in the mailing address if it is different from the street address.
  • Indicate the person to communicate with in the event of errors or omissions as the "Contact Person." This will also be the person to receive the certificate and any other correspondence from this office.
  • Enter the firm's telephone and facsimile numbers complete with area code. If you have a web site and/or electronic mail, please indicate the address in the appropriate blank.
  • List all Renovators that have Safe State accreditation and have been registered as an Alabama Renovator along with their Safe State accreditation expiration date.
  • Fill in the last three lead-based paint renovation activities complete with the name of the person who contracted with you and a telephone number.
  • Check description that best describes your type business.
  • List the states that your company has lead renovation license in.
  • Indicate if your company has been barred from working in any state. If yes, submit a disclosure statement of any action taken by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or an EPA-authorized program involving violation, suspensions, revocations, or modifications of your firm's certification or license.
  • Read the next seven lines of the application carefully. By signing the application you are attesting that all the above statements are true and accurate.
  • Sign and date the application.
  • Please include the appropriate fee for each discipline indicated. Make check payable to: The Lead Renovation Fund.
  • Verify that the application is complete and that all required information has been included.
  • Mail the entire application package to:
    The Alabama Department of Public Health
    The RSA Tower, Suite 1250
    P.O. Box 303017
    Montgomery, Alabama 36130-3017

Page last updated: May 24, 2020