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Adolescent Health

Today, adolescents are considered to be children/young adults between the ages of 10 and 24. This time is a unique period in the life cycle that takes one from childhood to adulthood. Many lifestyle choices are affected by physiological challenges that can make healthy decision-making difficult. Youth and school age children make decisions every day that may affect their health not only in the short term, but over their lifetime. They are also developing attitudes that will be maintained into adulthood. It is critical, therefore, that communities work together to impact these choices and help young people grow to become healthy adults.

Our program works to promote healthy adolescent choices during this critical time by:

  • Providing resources and presentations to parents, community groups and educators to promote positive youth development (the basic things that adolescents need to make positive health decisions).
  • Collaborating with community action groups to analyze data trends regarding adolescent risk behaviors.
  • Providing resources through grants to reduce the adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease rates.
  • Providing information about successful adolescent health initiatives.

Page last updated: May 2, 2024