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National STI Prevention Awareness Month: Prepare Before You're There


Prepare Before You’re There is the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) national campaign to make sexual health intentional.

Research shows that people, especially youth, often do not believe they are at risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), even if they are engaging in risky behaviors. This belief leads most to not take any precautions to keep themselves healthy. Furthermore, some  people report that most times sex is unplanned, making discussions about condoms use, birth control, risk involved, limits and boundaries “in the moment” more challenging.

Nearly 1 in 5 people in the United States have a sexually transmitted infection (STI). However, the good news is that STIs are not inevitable, and they are 100% preventable.

Don’t roll the dice with your #SexualHealth! Prepare before you’re there with a #SaferSexGamePlan.    

This campaign can help people overcome the challenges that negatively impact sexual health.

Visit CDC STI Awareness to take a quiz to see if you’re at risk for an STI and access resources to make your own #SaferSexGamePlan before you go out or swipe right.

Page last updated: April 8, 2024