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Sexual Health Awareness Month

What's the Issue?

September is about sexual health and you!  It’s the perfect time to evaluate your sexual health status and learn better ways to improve your overall health and protect your future.

Teenagers are faced with many difficult decisions when it comes to sexual health and their future. With the growing presence of social media and the overwhelming access to the internet, teens are exposed to so much information regarding sexual and reproductive health that can impact their decision-making in ways previous generations were not. Although the ease of access to information can be beneficial, we also know that teens tend to look to social media for news and trusted information where the presence of misinformation on platforms remains largely unregulated. 

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What is Good Sexual Health?

Sexual health can both affect and be affected by other aspects of health including physical, mental, emotional, and social health. Good sexual health means being well informed, practicing safer sex, avoiding risky behaviors, and having respect yourself and others.

Tips for protecting your sexual health:                                                                                              

  • Maintain a healthy body and hygiene
  • Valuing and feeling good about yourself
  • Having a piece of mind and confidence in your convictions and decision-making
  • Seeking positive and healthy relationships
  • Avoid STIs and unplanned pregnancy
  • Effectively communicating with your partner about your sexual health
  • Respect and maintain boundaries
  • Seek professional healthcare and get tested regularly
  • Limit number of sexual partners and avoid overlapping relationships

Preventative Sexual Health Services:

  • Regular screenings
  • Vaccine (HPV)
  • Education/Counseling

Path to Improvement

Most people learn about sexuality and sex early on in their youth, both directly and indirectly. You can learn from parents, siblings, educators, mentors, friends, and health providers. Receiving education from reliable trusted sources to provide medically accurate and age-appropriate information is essential. According to the National Coalition fo Sexual Health, youth are more likely to abstain, delay sexual relationship engagement, practice safer sex minimizing the risk for an unplanned pregnancy and the acquisition of STIs after receiving sexual health education.


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Page last updated: September 12, 2023