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Hazards and Disasters

Many types of disasters can create public health problems - weather, chemical, radiological, and biological.

Injury or illness can occur as a direct result of the event or as a result of people trying to cope with the event.

Be Ready For An Emergency

Five Important Things To Do:
1. Stay Informed
2. Learn about basic injury and disease prevention
3. Look for the most current information on emergency preparedness
4. Create a family preparedness plan and emergency supply kit
5. Become familiar with the emergency plans of your community

For more information see the Alabama Department of Public Health's booklet: ARE YOU READY? (7MB)

Ready Campaign Public Service Announcement

Below are some communication tools you can use to help your family during a disaster or emergency:

  • FEMA Child Plan - A list of numbers to help your child
  • FEMA Adult Plan - A communication plan for your family                                                                                                                                                                           

Useful Websites

Alabama Resource Directory for Women, Children and Families
Baldwin EMA
Baldwin County Public Schools
American Red Cross
Baldwin EMC
Alabama Power
Riviera Utilities
City of Gulf Shores
City of Orange Beach

Page last updated: October 16, 2023