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State CDR Team


State Health Officer and Chair
Ex Officio: Scott Harris, M.D., M.P.H.

Jefferson County Coroner and Medical Examiner
Ex Officio: Gregory G. Davis, M.D.

Sheriff’s Association Appointee
Ex Officio: Sheriff Bobby Timmons

Department of Forensic Sciences Director
Ex Officio: Director Angelo Della Manna

Department of Human Resources Commissioner
Ex Officio: Commissioner Nancy T. Buckner

Department of Mental Health
Ex Officio: Commissioner Kimberly Boswell

Department of Public Safety Acting Director
Ex Officio: Director James Helms

Pediatrician with Expertise in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Alabama Academy of Pediatrics Appointee: Marsha Raulerson, M.D.

Health Professional with Expertise in Child Abuse and Neglect
Department of Public Health Appointee: Candice Dye, M.D.

Family Practice Physician
Academy of Family Physicians Appointee: Max Capouano, MD

Department of Forensic Sciences
Representative: David Rydzewski, M.D.

Private Citizen
Governor Appointee: Ms. Tonita Phipps

Private Citizen
Governor Appointee: Mr. Bob Hinds

Private Citizen
Governor Appointee: Ms. Crys Fuller

Private Citizen
Governor Appointee: Michael A. Taylor, M.D.

Private Citizen
Governor Appointee: Ms. Jannah Bailey

Private Citizen
Governor Appointee: Ms. Cindy Hines

Private Citizen
Governor Appointee: Mr. Tim Davis

Member of the Clergy
Governor Appointee: Ms. LaBeatrix Tatum

Private Citizen
Governor Appointee: Mr. David Peeples

Coroner’s Association
Representative: Mr. Bruce Wilson

Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers
Representative: Ms. Lynn Bius

Sheriff’s Association
Representative: Sheriff Bill Franklin

District Attorney’s Association
Representative: Attorney Michael Jackson

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Specialist
Medical Association of the State of Alabama Appointee: Shaundra Blakemore, M.D.

Association of Chiefs of Police
Representative: Chief Justin Lovvorn

Chair of Senate Health
Committee or Designee: Senator Jim McClendon

Chair of House Health
Committee or Designee: Representative Paul Lee

Page last updated: November 16, 2021