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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a death certificate?

A death certificate is a document issued by a government official such as a Registrar of Vital Statistics that declares the date, location and cause of a person's death. An Alabama death certificate is a legal document which contains information concerning the death of an individual who died in Alabama. Vital Statistics Laws require the registration of death certificates within five (5) days from the date of death for all deaths occurring in the State of Alabama.

What is the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS)?

It is the web-based system that allows online registration of deaths occurring in Alabama. EDRS allows vital records providers such as funeral homes, physicians, coroners/medical examiners, nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, etc., to electronically sign, certify or verify the death certificate for registration with the Alabama Department of Public Health, Center for Health Statistics.

How can I obtain access to use the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS)?

Visit Requesting Access.

Do you provide training for the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS)?

Visit Training.

How can I amend a death certificate that was processed through EDRS?

Corrections/changes on death certificates filed through EDRS (signed by both the certifier and funeral director) may be corrected through the current amendment process. For more information, visit Death Corrections/Changes.

Can other states participate in the Electronic Death Registration System for Alabama?

Yes. Funeral homes outside Alabama may obtain access to EDRS to file Alabama death certificates electronically. Visit Requesting Access.

What are the system technical requirements for the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS)?

Visit Minimum Technical Requirements.


If you have further questions regarding the Alabama Electronic Death Registration System, visit Contact Us.

Page last updated: May 13, 2021