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Zika virus diseases is a nationally notifiable condition and is reportable in Alabama. All test results for arboviral diseases, including Zika virus, are reportable to public health. Physicians, nurses, and laboratory directors are required to report all results (positive, negative, inconclusive, and equivocal) to the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) Infectious Diseases & Outbreaks (ID&O) within 5 days. Healthcare providers should report suspected Zika virus diseases cases to facilitate diagnosis and mitigate risk of local transmission. This page is intended for use by healthcare providers in the state of Alabama.

***CDC updated its interim guidance July 24, 2017. We at ADPH, along with other expert bodies, are looking into the latest guidance.  At this time we have chosen not to make any changes to our testing criteria or the guidance that we provide our state's healthcare providers until the additional anticipated guidance is issued.***

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