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Program Integrity

Statement of Authority

The Office of Program Integrity was established within the Alabama Department of Public Health as an independent, separate office to perform objective and unbiased reviews of the activities of the Department.

The primary mission of the Office of Program Integrity is to assist managers and administrators in effectively discharging their duties by reviewing various activities and functions within the Department, and by furnishing them with reports, comments, and recommendations concerning the activities reviewed.

The primary objective of audits, reviews, and other non audit services performed by the Office of Program Integrity is to promote effective controls at reasonable costs. In carrying out this responsibility, Program Integrity will examine and assess the adequacy and effectiveness of the system of internal control within the Department as well as the quality of performance with which responsibilities are carried out.

In carrying out its mission, the Office of Program Integrity has full authority to review any and all areas of the Department at any time with full and unlimited access to any records, property, and personnel. Program Integrity also has the authority to review and evaluate all policies, plans, procedures, and records.

In order to ensure independence and objectivity, the Office of Program Integrity is functionally independent of the offices, bureaus, and divisions it reviews, reporting to the Chief Legal Officer who reports to the State Health Officer.

In addition, the Office of Program Integrity will not be responsible for such non-audit activities as drafting procedures and designing and installing operating systems within the Department. Having responsibility for or authority over activities that are subject to being audited would be an impairment to independence and a violation of professional auditing standards.

Regularly scheduled audit activities as well as special requests for unscheduled audits will be presented to the Chief Legal Officer by the Director of the Office of Program Integrity as part of the annual budget review.

See the full, signed Statement of Authority

Page last updated: January 2, 2024