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Information on Oil Spill Issued by ADPH

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill prompted ADPH to issue health advisories. In June 2010, ADPH issued advisories against swimming in waters off Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, Dauphin Island, and Mississippi Sound, and in bay waters close to Fort Morgan, Bayou St. John, Terry Cove, Cotton Bayou and Old River. Improvements in beach conditions led the department to lift these swimming advisories.

03/26/12 Researchers seek survey participants for oil spill health study

10/07/11 Study finds mental health needs continue in areas impacted by Gulf of Mexico oil spill

08/12/11 Coastal residents will be asked to participate in household survey on Aug. 26 and 27

07/30/10 Improvements in Gulf oil spill situation lead to reassessment of Public Health beach advisories

06/24/10 Swimming advisories again issued for Dauphin Island and Mississippi Sound

06/18/10 ADPH lifts swimming advisories for Dauphin Island and Mississippi Sound

06/09/10 ADPH further expands precautionary advisories for swimming

06/04/10 Alabama agencies expand precautionary advisories in Fort Morgan, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

06/01/10 Alabama agencies take steps to protect public's health during Gulf oil spill

04/30/10 ADPH issues precautions related to Gulf oil spill

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Page last updated: December 13, 2021