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What is Social Work?

Social work is a profession for those who desire to help improve the lives of others.

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What Does a Public Health Social Worker Do?

Public Health Social Workers are critical members of the public health team. Public Health Social Workers focus on identifying children, families, elderly, and physically and/or mentally handicapped adults who have needs. Social workers provide intervention services to help clients discover ways of meeting their needs and preventing future problems.

Public Health Social Workers bring a unique set of knowledge and skills in the areas of human behavior, social, and environmental systems. They are experts in helping individuals and families make behavioral and situational life changes in order to improve their overall health and well-being.

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What Program Areas Do Alabama Public Health Social Workers Serve?

  • Plan First
  • Patient 1st Care Coordination, which provides Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic Treatment to Children and Adults
  • Children with Special Heath Care Needs
  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Case Management
  • Maternity Case Management
  • HIV/AIDS Case Management
  • Tobacco Prevention and Control
  • Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
  • Pregnancy Classes

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What Does Someone Study to Become a Social Worker?

Most social workers have studied coursework including: child development, family health, gerontology, public health, alcohol and drug abuse, and mental health. Related fields include human services, sociology, public health, counseling, and psychology. However, to be eligible to sit for the Social Work Examination you must have a degree in social work, including either a bachelor's or master's degree in social work from a college or university accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

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Social Work Schools in Alabama

To search for social work schools outside of Alabama, visit

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What is Required to Become a Social Worker?

A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for qualifying for a job as a social worker. In fact, many people work in the field with only a bachelor's degree. However, a master's or doctoral degree has become the standard. A master's degree is required to provide therapy. Social workers must also meet certain licensing and registration requirements depending on where they practice. In Alabama, you must complete the Application for Social Work Licensure and successfully pass the Social Work Examination before you are able to practice social work for an agency or organization.

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Page last updated: March 24, 2023