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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

The Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Branch (APPB) works to reduce the incidence of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among teens in Alabama. This is made possible through federal grants awarded to the Alabama Department of Public Health. Through these grants, funding is made available to local community organizations to assist in these efforts in their communities. The APPB also partners with The Alabama Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (ACPTP) and other organizations throughout the state in a collaborative relationship to promote healthy decisions among young people.

Adolescents are in a unique period in the life cycle between childhood and adulthood. Developmentally, they face many challenges, including choices that impact them for a lifetime. One such choice is the decision to become sexually active, which may lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS. Many of these lifestyle choices are affected by physiological challenges that can make healthy decision making difficult. Read more about Adolescent Health.

BUB3 - Be You. Be 3: Smart, Strong and Safe

Be You. Be 3: Smart, Strong and Safe promotes being smart - knowing your body, options and the risks of sexual behavior; being strong - standing up for yourself and how you feel; and being safe - protecting yourself from getting pregnant or getting an STI/STD.

Page last updated: August 8, 2023