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Dallas County Children's Policy Council

Project Name: Dallas County Personal Responsibility Education Program (DCPREP)

Project Description

The Dallas County Children's Policy Council (DCCPC) recognizes the seriousness of the teenage pregnancy issues in Dallas County, Alabama. DCCPC has partnered with the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Branch to implement the Personal Responsibly Education Program (PREP). DCPREP utilizes 10 sessions of evidenced-based programming to educate at-risk youth on how to reduce sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and teen pregnancies. Included in these 10 sessions are Adult Preparation Subjects such as healthy life skills, financial literacy, and healthy relationships. The DCPREP program targets youth aged 10 - 19 years in Dallas County that are identified as high risk, youth in foster care or group homes, and those currently involved with the court system. DCPREP sessions are conducted through partnerships with local community-based organizations.

The mission of the DCCPC is to promote comprehensive, collaborative, community-driven child and family services for residents of Dallas County, Alabama. Incorporated on August 10, 2005, the council is chaired by District Judge Bob Armstrong and consists of representatives of youth-serving and family-serving organizations throughout the community.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Greg Dreveny at (205) 767-7721 or, or Ryan Chamberlain at

Physical Address

501 Plant Street, Selma, Alabama 36701

Page last updated: May 13, 2021