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Healthcare Coverage Is Important

Children need to be healthy to reach their full potential. To stay healthy, they need to have regular medical, vision and dental checkups. They should also receive proper care when sick or injured. By preventing serious illnesses, household health costs are also usually lower.

Children who have healthcare coverage have a better chance of being and staying healthy, and are less likely to miss school because they are sick. By helping them go to school every day ready to learn, you can help boost your child's performance in school today and in the future.

Healthcare Coverage Facts

Children who have healthcare coverage are more likely to:

  • Stay healthier with regular checkups
  • Get necessary immunizations
  • Get medical care early so small illnesses don't turn into bigger ones
  • Miss fewer school days due to illnesses

Teens with healthcare coverage are able to get:

  • Skin care (treating acne, and other skin issues)
  • School physicals needed to play sports
  • Physical therapy if needed due to injury

With ALL Kids, parents can:

  • Select a doctor they trust for their children
  • Stop worrying about how to pay for medical bills
  • Miss fewer work days due to a child's illness

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Page last updated: August 22, 2022