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The Alabama Legislature approved the expansion of the statewide trauma system in 2007.

View Senate Bill 278

"This bill would establish a statewide trauma system to be administered by the State Board of Health, would establish the Statewide Trauma Advisory Council and provide for its membership and responsibilities, would create a statewide trauma registry, would provide for regional trauma advisory councils, and would provide funding through the State Board of Health."

The Alabama Legislature approved an amendment to expand the Alabama Trauma System in 2012. This expansion helped with the development of the Southeast Regional Pilot Acute Stroke System. After conclusion of the pilot stroke system, the Alabama Stroke System has been implemented statewide.

View House Bill 517

Specific sections of the Code of Alabama 1975 are amended "to expand the registry and system of care in the statewide trauma system to include other health care illnesses."

Page last updated: May 13, 2021