Mobile Laboratory

Welcome to the Mobile Division Laboratory, a Division of the Bureau of Clinical Laboratories (BCL), Department of Public Health. We are located at 757 Museum Drive, Mobile, Alabama 36608.

Our laboratory staf lends support to several public health programs through analytical services and instruction to county health departments, enviromnental agency partners, private citizens and healthcare providers.

The Mobile facility houses two branches  (Clinical Branch and Environmental Branch) with each organized into testing sections. The Clinical Branch performs testing of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) specimens using similar methods and processes as the STD Division in Montgomery. In addition to like testing for Drinking Water and Rabies performed at the Montgomery Laboratory, the Environmental Branch works with Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) to perform analysis of public recreational water monitoring sites along the Gulf of Mexico. Shellfish growing waters and products for market are tested in coordination with the ADPH Seafood Branch. Both branches function with other counterparts to advance the health of the citizens of Alabama.

Directions to the Mobile Division Laboratory

Page last updated: October 11, 2018