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The Bureau of Clinical Laboratories (BCL) provides free access to BCL Webportal, laboratory forms for non-BCL Webportal users, specific instructions, and general information to submit a specimen for testing.

BCL Webportal is a free electronic system for ordering and receiving laboratory test results. BCL recommends all providers use BCL Webportal to assist submitting all required patient insurance information and receiving the test results in a timely manner. If you are interested in setting up a BCL Webportal account, please call (334) 260-3400 and ask for Webportal staff.

Registered BCL Webportal Users

Beginning January 1, 2014, BCL is requiring that healthcare providers to provide patient insurance information for all specimens, except newborn screening, submitted to the BCL for testing.

Billing Instructions and Information

Laboratory Forms For Non-BCL Webportal Users

Additional Instructions and Information

Page last updated: July 3, 2019