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Sanitary Bacteriology

The Sanitary Bacteriology consists of the Environmental Services and Media branches.

Environmental Services Branch

The Environmental Services Branch provides testing for dairy and water samples submitted by environmental personnel to insure that regulatory compliance is maintained.

Dairy Section

Dairy products must meet the Minimum Grade A Pasteurized milk ordinance to ensure that the products are acceptable within the current limits established by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

Water Section

The water section performs bacteriological testing on waters for compliance with regulations for municipalities and private well waters according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines. Private well owners can the following links for water sample collection and laboratory submission instructions.

Water Test Requisition Form - Fillable

Private Water Samples - Collection Instructions and Example Requisition Form

Fluoride testing is also performed on municipalities' water samples as directed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to ensure drinking water meets regulatory requirements.

Media Branch

The Media Branch prepares culture media for the Montgomery and Mobile Laboratories. Media such as Jones-Kendrick Agar and Regan-Lowe for the collection and transport of Bordetella pertussis are available from the Media Section. Call 334-290-3123 to learn more about available media and shipment schedules.

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Page last updated: May 10, 2024