Cancer Division

ADPH’s Cancer Division helps to lead efforts in order to ease the burden of cancer. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States; however, a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. Cancer can be treatable and even preventable. Prevention is the best way to fight cancer. Eating nutritious foods and being physically active can help prevent overweight or obesity, which may reduce a person’s risk of certain cancers related to excess body weight. This website provides information and resources on what cancer is, how to prevent cancer, and what to do after receiving a cancer diagnosis. The information and the materials are designed to educate and inform health professionals, policy makers, the media, and the public about cancer prevention and control.

Vision Statement: Citizens of Alabama will live long and healthy lives untouched by cancer.

Mission Statement: Implement programs in Alabama that will reduce incidence, morbidity and mortality related to cancer through prevention, early detection, and surveillance.

What's New?

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) is recognized every September by childhood cancer organizations around the world.

With a goal to increase awareness and raise funds for those affected by childhood cancer, the American Childhood Cancer Organization encourages everyone to Go Gold® during September in honor and in memory of kids with cancer! 

For more information on Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, visit

Page last updated: September 4, 2019