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Alabama's web-based Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) allows vital records providers such as funeral homes, physicians, coroners, medical examiners, nursing homes, hospitals, etc., to submit death certificates electronically to the Alabama Department of Public Health, Center for Health Statistics. In EDRS, users can complete their portion of the death certificate without having to wait for the other parties to complete their portion. EDRS is a component of the Electronic Vital Events Registration System (EVERS) which allows registration of both births and deaths which occur in Alabama.

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Benefits of Electronic Death Registration

  • Allows faster registration of Alabama death certificates.
  • Medical certification section can be completed 24 hours a day by medical certifiers when notified electronically to complete their section of the death certificate.
  • Funeral homes can obtain certified copies of death certificates at any Alabama county health department as soon as the certificate is filed electronically.
  • Improves data quality through validation edits and Social Security Number (SSN) verification prior to registration which reduces SSN-related amendments.
  • Provides the capability to check the status of death certificates.
  • Allows for printing of Authorization for Out-of-State Disposition forms.
  • Allows for printing of Notice of Disinterment forms (signature of local county registrar required).
  • Allows for printing of applications to obtain certified copies of death certificates.

Print the sample below to see the 2021 version of the death certificate that will be required for those facilities which are not yet filing certificates electronically.

Sample Death Certificate 2021

Page last updated: May 13, 2021