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ImmPRINT Manual

The purpose of the ImmPRINT Manual page is to be a readily accessible resource and tool for ImmPRINT providers and users. This resource is available to ensure consumers are well informed about ImmPRINT's various features and functions, so that the database captures accurate and quality immunization data of Alabamians.

The manual is divided into sections, some of which are pertinent to all users, while others are only relevant depending on your site and/or ImmPRINT access level. Take a moment and review each section to determine the areas of relevance or interest to you. Each section includes printable documents, and information will be added as it is developed.

After reviewing the manual, please provide feedback on the section(s) you viewed. Your comments are encouraged so that this page continues to be the intended resource and tool for ImmPRINT users.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

a. Welcome

b. Location and Resources

c. Registry


e. Glossary

f. Contacts

II. ImmPRINT Basics

a. Site Administrator | View Site Administrator Guidance Video

b. Site Enrollment | View Enrolling a New Site Video

c. Site Inventory | View Site Inventory Information Video

d. User Registration | View New User Registration Video

e. User Profile

f. Security Measures

III. Patient Data

a. Patient Search | View Patient Search Video

b. New Patients

c. Duplicate Patients

d. Vaccine History | View Vaccine History Video

e. Disease & Titer History

IV. User Levels

a. Clinic User

b. School Nurse (Public or Private) | View School Nurse Video

c. Lead Nurse (Public School only) | View Lead Nurse Video

d. Headmaster/Designee (Private School without a Nurse) | View Headmaster/Designee Video

e. Headmaster/Nurse (Private School with a Nurse) | View Headmaster/Nurse Video

f. Private School User 

g. Pharmacy User

h. Child Care Director

i. Long term Care User

j. Insurance Company Site Administrator

k. Insurance Company User

V. Additional Resources

a. Certificate of Immunization | View Certificate of Immunization Video

b. Medical Exemption

c. Religious Exemption

d. Vaccine Forecaster and Patient/Parent Card

e. COVID-19 Specific Functionalities

VI. HL7 Interface

a. HL7 Sites

b. On-boarding

c. HL7 Reports | View HL7 Reports Video

Page last updated: April 4, 2024