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Food Establishment Sanitation

The Environmental Health Division permits and inspects all food service establishments located within the county. Inspection scores reflect compliance with minimum health standards only at the time of the inspection. Scores are based on a 100 point scale. Establishments with a score of 85 or above are inspected every four months. Establishments with a score below 85 are inspected at least every 60 days. A score between 70 and 60 requires immediate corrective action within 48 hours. If a restaurant scores below 60, it is closed immediately until it can attain a score of 85. Establishments with critical item deficiencies are reinspected within 10 days. Critical items are printed in red on the food service inspection sheet.

The Montgomery County Health Department also inspects commercial food establishments where food is manufactured for wholesale. Other agencies, such as the Alabama Department of Public Health, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, may also inspect these facilities. The Alabama Department of Agriculture or the USDA inspects meats packed in and out of the county.

Whenever a food establishment is constructed or remodeled and whenever an existing structure is converted to use as a food establishment, properly prepared plans must be submitted to the Montgomery County Health Department for review and approval before construction, remodeling, or conversion has begun.

A temporary food service establishment is any food service establishment that operates at a fixed location for a period of time, not to exceed 14 consecutive days in conjunction with a single special event or celebration. In order to ensure that temporary food service establishments are operated in a sanitary manner and to protect the public, the Montgomery County Health Department has provided guidelines for the operation of a temporary food service establishment. Please call the Montgomery County Health Department at (334) 293-6452 with questions regarding temporary events.

It is unlawful for any person to operate a food establishment unless the owner possesses a valid permit issued by the Health Officer for the operation of the establishment.

Procedures for Opening a Food Service Establishment in Montgomery County

Some environmental services require a fee to be submitted prior to the service being performed. Please review the Montgomery County Fee Schedule for those services requiring a fee.

Food complaints can be filed by email or by calling us at (334) 293-6452. For complaints involving foods commercially produced or processed outside of Montgomery County, contact the regional office of the FDA at (866) 289-3399. For meat products from a meat processor or packer (for example, meats not processed in a grocery store) contact USDA (334) 272-9232. The FDA and USDA may issue recalls for food products deemed potentially unsafe. Check the recalls section of the FDA website for the latest Information.

This information is provided in accordance with policies and procedures pertaining to the release of public information and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the Montgomery County Health Department. Current scores are posted in respective food service establishments or can be obtained from the Montgomery County Health Department by calling (334) 293-6452.

It is possible for typing errors to occur. If you have any questions concerning the accuracy of an establishment's score, please call (334) 293-6452.

Page last updated: August 1, 2022