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Hospital Discharge Data

The Hospital Discharge Data Act (Alabama Act 2021-129) became effective March 31, 2021. The Act provides a mechanism for hospitals to report previously uncollected data regarding a patient's discharge from a general acute care hospital, a critical access or specialized hospital, or a separately licensed freestanding emergency department in this state. Both inpatient and outpatient discharge data will be submitted to the Alabama Department of Public Health.

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Advisory Council Members

Dr. Jorge Alsip: Medical Association of the State of Alabama

Jeff Brannon: Alabama Hospital Association

Kyle Buchanan: Alabama Hospital Association

Emefa Butler: Governor of Alabama

Joseph Marchant: Alabama Hospital Association

Joe Oaks: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

Gary Parker: Alabama Medicaid Agency

Dr. Chris Phillips: Medical Association of the State of Alabama

David Randall: Alabama Hospital Association

Peter Selman: Alabama Hospital Association

Tom Shufflebarger: Alabama Hospital Association

Joe Stough: Alabama Hospital Association

Bradford Williams: State Health Planning and Dev Agency


Page last updated: April 6, 2022