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logo-oida.jpgThe mission of the Office of Informatics & Data Analytics is to ensure that the determinants and distribution of disease and health for Alabama are accurately assessed and the information is disseminated in a meaningful way. The charge of this office is to:

  • Identify interoperability opportunities: state, local, and healthcare
  • Coordinate investments, decisions, and policies across ADPH and with partners
  • Make data sharing easier through common policies, practices, and standards
  • Advance academic and private partnerships
  • Identify data for priority public health needs
  • Strengthen the data science workforce
  • Translate data into evidence-based recommendations
  • Relate needs to modernize IT infrastructure
  • Adopt open standards and tools while protecting data security
  • Seek partner-driven data solutions
  • Adopt next-generation tools (e.g., visualization, machine learning)
  • Strengthen predictive analytics

Page last updated: October 19, 2022