Regions and Coordinators

The Alabama Perinatal Program is divided into the following five regions, and Mobile County has its own Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) program:

Perinatal Map (May 2017)

Region I

Pamela Farris
Region I Perinatal Coordinator
Huntsville Hospital
Phone: (256) 265-6026
Fax: (256) 265-9745

Region II

Trendle Samuel
Region II Perinatal Coordinator
DCH Regional Medical Center
Phone: (205) 759-6166
Fax: (205) 750-5547

Region III

Cathy Nichols
Region III Perinatal Coordinator
University of Alabama-Birmingham Hospital
Phone: (205) 934-6254
Fax: (205) 996-7999

Region IV

Csierra Payne
Region IV Perinatal Coordinator
University of South Alabama
Phone: (251) 410-4837
Fax: (251) 410-4837

Region V

Shirley Daniel
Region V Perinatal Coordinator
Baptist South
Phone: (334) 747-5441
Fax: (334) 747-5435                                                                      

Mobile FIMR

Pebbles King                                                                                      
Alabama Baby Coalition/FIMR Coordinator                                                                 
Mobile County Health Department                              
Phone: (251) 694-3949                                              
Fax: (251) 405-4530                                                    

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