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Alabama Maternal Mortality Review Program

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Alabama Public Health’s Maternal Mortality Review Program (MMRP) was formed in 2018 to better understand the factors that impact maternal deaths, in hopes to mitigate and prevent future deaths. The Alabama Maternal Mortality Review Committee (AL-MMRC), a team of multidisciplinary members, aid in this goal by reviewing de-identified deaths of women which occurred within one year of pregnancy. As the program continues to grow, evidence-based recommendations will be put forth for implementation to improve maternal health and reduce associated mortality and morbidity.

A Snapshot of Maternal Mortality In Alabama*

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In 2016, 36 deaths were deemed eligible for review.

In 2017, 44 deaths were deemed eligible for review.

Poor pregnancy outcomes were the third greatest concern of Alabamians in the latest Community Health Assessment.1

Annual Reports   

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*Historical references to data provided by the Center for Health Statistics
may not align to data provided by the MMRP prior to program implementation.

1 Health Rankings: Pregnancy


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