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Code of Alabama Section 22-11D-3

Establishment and operation of statewide trauma system.

(a) The board, in consultation with, and having solicited the advice of the council, shall establish and maintain a statewide trauma system that shall include centralized dispatch for participating trauma centers and emergency medical services.

(b) The statewide trauma system shall become operational within 12 months after the State Health Officer certifies to the Governor in writing that the department has sufficient funds to finance its development, implementation, and operation.

(c) The board, in consultation with and having solicited the advice of the council, may establish and maintain other coordinated statewide systems of emergency medical and hospital care for other illnesses, such as stroke. Other statewide coordinated health care systems may be implemented by the board as funds become available to the board.

Act 2007-299, p. 541, § 3; Act 2012-526, p. 1556. § 1

Page last updated: May 13, 2021