Data Management Division

Izza Cagle, MPH, Division Director
Ronada Anderson, MSW, LGSW, Adult Viral Hepatitis Branch Manager
Danita Crear, DrPH, HIV Surveillance Branch Manager
Melissa Hammonds, MS, MSW, CQM/MAI Data Analyst
Tabitha Pettway-Smith, BSBA, Ryan White Data Analyst
Mark McDowell, BS, IT Systems Specialist Generalist
Patricia Johnson, ASA II
Beverly Moore, BS, Disease Intervention Specialist Senior
Summer Preg, BA, Disease Intervention Specialist
Danna Strickland, RN, Nurse Coordinator
Brittany Vincent, BS, Disease Intervention Specialist
Chauntye' Williams, ASA II
Tiffany Wilson, MPH, Epidemiologist


The Data Management Division unifies data from the Office of HIV Prevention and Direct Care programs, and monitors state and federal guidelines for data submission. The integrated data is used to provide support for treatment and prevention activities, program and project improvements, and funding opportunity announcements. The HIV Surveillance Branch and the Adult Viral Hepatitis Branch are housed in the Data Management Division, and the HADIS (HIV/AIDS Disease Information System) is updated and maintained by ADPH IT and the Data Management Division.


Page last updated: April 7, 2021