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Instructions for Ordering Current Brochures

  • Include the name of your organization, telephone number, and the date on the top of the first page of the order form.
  • Include the quantity of packages of each brochure you are requesting. There is a limit of 100 on any one brochure depending on availability.
  • On page two under the "Ship To" section, please include the name and street address. Note: We cannot ship to a "P.O. Box" address.
  • You may fax the forms to (334) 206-5853 or mail them to the address below. Please allow approximately two weeks for delivery.

Brochure Order Form (includes listing of all current brochures)

For additional information call (334) 206-5364.

Mailing Address:
Alabama Department of Public Health
HIV Prevention Division
201 Monroe St.
Ste. 1200
Montgomery Alabama 36130

Page last updated: April 1, 2024