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State Health Assessment (SHA)

The State Health Assessment (SHA) process began in 2015 as the first approach to prioritizing health issues based on feedback from the general population. ADPH maintains an internal workgroup but is very open to including community partners in the design of future SHAs and advancement efforts.

2020 Alabama State Health Assessment

In the ongoing advancement of health outcomes in Alabama, we have published the 2020 Alabama State Health Assessment (SHA). Feedback from our community partners, other health departments, and tribal organizations can help strengthen data and provide opportunities for improvement. The SHA co-leads were Sondra Reese, Carlene Robinson, and Carrie Allison.

If you would like to submit feedback, please send your comments in an email to Sondra Reese.

2015 Alabama Community Health Assessment

The final 2015 Alabama Community Health Assessment (CHA) is now available online. If you have questions, comments, or recommendations for future development, please email Sondra Reese.

Download additional information on each of these leading healthcare concerns, including the indicators currently being considered for establishing a baseline and monitoring future progress.

2013 Public Health Area Health Status Indicator Reports

These reports were developed to assist in identifying leading health concerns at the Public Health Area (PHA) level.

Page last updated: May 23, 2024