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Oral Health and Pregnancy

Oral health is an essential component of the overall health status for pregnant women and women of reproductive age. Achieving and maintaining good oral health is very important for mothers and their children. Poor oral health of the mother, including dental decay and periodontal disease before and during pregnancy, has been linked to poor birth and pregnancy outcomes such as preterm birth and low birth weight. Ensuring good oral health for women during the perinatal period plays a vital role in promoting the oral health of her children after birth. Good oral health is important to the overall health of all women across a lifetime.

Oral Health and Pregnancy Materials

These materials are free to download, or contact [email protected] for information on ordering copies.

Count the Kicks

Count the Kicks is an evidence-based stillbirth prevention campaign focusing on educating expectant parents on the importance of tracking fetal movement in the 3rd trimester. Visit Oral Health and Count the Kicks for access to FREE Count the Kicks training endorsed by the Alabama Dental Board.


Page last updated: January 6, 2023