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Oral Health and Community Water Fluoridation Conference
October 22, 2020

The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) Oral Health Office, in cooperation with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM), present the WebEx virtual conference: Oral Health and Community Water Fluoridation. This course was designed and approved to grant 4 continued education hours to all Alabama public water system employees.

October is National Dental Hygiene Month

Dental Office Guidance for COVID-19 Protocol

Below are changes to the guidance as of July 15, 2020. This interim guidance has been updated based on currently available information about COVID-19 and the current situation in the United States. 

Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Healthcare Personnel During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic Guidance for Dental Settings

Interim U.S. Guidance for Risk Assessment and Work Restrictions for Healthcare Personnel with Potential Exposure to COVID-19

Public Health Guidance for Community-Related Exposure

Criteria for Return to Work for Healthcare Personnel with SARS-CoV-2 Infection (Interim Guidance)

Strategies to Mitigate Healthcare Personnel Staffing Shortages

Interim Guidance on Testing Healthcare Personnel for SARS-CoV-2

Clinical Questions about COVID-19: Questions and Answers on Infection Control

Dental Protocol for Return to Practice in Response to COVID-19 Mandates

On April 28, 2020, at 11:00 a.m., Governor Ivey’s office released the following statement: "Effective April 30, 2020, dental, medical or surgical procedures may proceed unless the State Health Officer or his designee later determines that performing such procedures, or any category of them (statewide or regionally), would unacceptably reduce access to PPE or other resources necessary to diagnose and treat COVID-19. Providers performing these procedures shall follow all applicable COVID-19 related rules adopted by the Board of Dental Examiners of Alabama or by the Alabama Department of Public Health."

The Board of Dental Examiners of Alabama believes that providers should take reasonable steps to comply with Board Rules/Guidelines as well as guidelines from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the CDC.

Please note: This protocol can be extended or alleviated by the Board of Dental Examiners of Alabama to conform to any mandate made by the Alabama Department of Public Health or the Alabama Governor’s office. This protocol is issued as a Board opinion interpreting current CDC guidance, CDC communications directly to the Board, and orders issued by Governor Ivey and the Alabama Department of Public Health.

View the Dental Protocol for Return to Practice in Response to COVID-19 Mandates

How to Prescribe Controlled Substances to Patients During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

In response to the COVID-19 public health emergency declared by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has adopted policies to allow DEA-registered practitioners to prescribe controlled substances without having to interact in-person with their patients. This chart only addresses prescribing controlled substances and does not address administering or direct dispensing of controlled substances, including by narcotic treatment programs (OTPs) or hospitals. These policies are effective beginning March 31, 2020, and will remain in effect for the duration of the public health emergency, unless DEA specifies an earlier date.

View the DEA Chart

Donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The ADPH Office of Oral Health is accepting donations of personal protective equipment such as gowns, masks, and gloves for distribution to area hospital healthcare personnel. See our flyer for details.

UAB Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Collection Site

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic effecting our nation and the world, The Univeristy of Alabama Birmingham School of Dentistry is now serving as a collection site for PPE materials such as masks, gowns, gloves, etc. Please view the letter below from the Dean of the UAB School of Dentistry for more information on how and where to drop off donated items.

View the PPE Donations Needed Letter

For more information about COVID-19, visit Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).


Introducing Alabama's First State Oral Health Plan

A collaborative effort two years in the making, the Alabama Department of Public Health Oral Health Office is proud to present Alabama's first ever State Oral Health Plan. This comprehensive plan contains desired outcomes that are both attainable, sustainable, and will provide a benchmark for progress in oral health throughout the state of Alabama. The plan will focus on five primary goals: Increase access to healthcare, professional education and integration, health literacy, data and surveillance, and prevention.

View the plan and discover what's in store for the future of oral health in Alabama.

Download the Alabama State Oral Health Plan

Watch Your Mouth!

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and the Mitchell Cancer Insitute in collaboration with the Oral Health Office would like to remind you to Watch Your Mouth!

Take action to prevent oral cancer by performing your own 7-step self exam in between dental visits. For more information on oral cancer screenings visit the National Cancer Institute.

October is National Dental Hygiene Month

National Dental Hygiene Month (NDHM) is kicking off, with its continuation of last year's family-focused theme "A Healthy Smile Lasts a Lifetime." Every week in the month of October is dedicated to a different event, each one celebrating various aspects of dental hygiene - from the dental hygienist to community service!

The American Dental Hygienists' Association is encouraging dental hygienists and other dental professionals and supporters across the country to get involved with NDHM this October to increase public awareness of the oral health - total health connection and the importance of educating the entire family on situations which impact their oral health.

It is imperative to start early with a daily oral care routine to help prevent cavities and periodontal disease. NDHM is the perfect time to spread that message even more - while celebrating the profession of dental hygiene!

Tobacco Quitline

Ready to quit tobacco, but not sure where to start? The AL Quitline is a free service which offers free coaching, support, and various cesation products to help you finally quit. Visit AL Tobacco Quitline or call 1-800-QUITNOW for more information.


The Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) is a joint research project between state departments of public health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). On a personal level, moms can positively influence the success rate for future healthy pregnancies and deliveries by sharing their experiences with the PRAMS program. All information is kept strictly confidential. Mothers are randomly chosen from reported Alabama births to participate in the PRAMS survey. Mothers who complete and return the survey may choose a gift as a token of our appreciation (diapers, manicure set, insulated cooler, or PRAMS branded onesie). For more information, please visit PRAMS or call (334) 206-2923.

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