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Alabama Maternal Mortality Review Committee (AL-MMRC)

Action CycleThe AL-MMRC is vital in understanding the multifactorial circumstances that impact maternal deaths. As cases are identified for further review, vital records, including medical charts, death certificates, and autopsy reports, are gathered to create a comprehensive narrative for committee members to review. Each case is vetted by experts in a variety of areas to understand the circumstances surrounding mortality. A standard decisions form systematically captures important factors pertaining to each death. This information is then analyzed collectively as a step towards putting forth strategies to combat this issue.


Additional Resources

  • Medical Association of the State of Alabama: The Association is pushing forth efforts to #savealmoms. Read more on what you can do to assist in taking action.   
  • AMCHP Federal Policy Agenda, 2020: This agenda includes anticipated goals to expand capacity in addressing maternal mortality.
  • ERASE-MM: Learn more about the national effort that provides funding to jurisdictions to support MMRCs. 
  • Review to Action: This helpful resource is a result of partnerships between AMCHP, CDC, and the CDC Foundation.
  • Hear Her Campaign: CDC's Division of Reproductive Health launched a campaign aimed to improve communication between providers and patients, as well as increase awareness surrounding warning signs of pregnancy complications. Learn more about the campaign initiatives.




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Page last updated: April 3, 2023