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Community & Facility

Our office targets rural entities serving the uninsured and underserved, with a focus on small rural hospitals (49 beds or less), rural health clinics, and federally qualified health centers, and we encourage these facilities to register with 3RNet as an employer, in order to post jobs. When you register with 3RNet as an employer, your job postings will receive national exposure to thousands of potential candidates. We provide recruitment and referral assistance to the following primary health care disciplines:

  • Primary care physicians
  • General surgeons
  • OB/GYNs
  • Psychiatrists
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Physician assistants
  • Dentists

Please visit 3RNet to register as an employer.

Social Media Promotion

Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and X allow you to connect with patients, businesses, and professionals in your community and inform them about your services, new developments in medicine and disease prevention as well as wellness events at your facility or in your community. Job candidates and potential patients can read abut your hospital or practice -- physician information, business operating hours, services, etc. Those connected to you can recommend you to others in their network which further promotes you and your hospital/practice. 

Getting Started

  1. Research
    Approach social networking like you would any other business strategy. Go to the home page for the social networking site and read more about the service. Also, visit your local, state, and federal partners' websites and find out what they are doing with social media marketing.
  2. Selection
    You will need to decide which sites are worth investing your time (and money if you are paying someone to coordinate your social media efforts). Choose one of two sites that specifically target your audience and then, if time permits, expand your collection. 

  3. Plan
    Create a social media marketing plan. It is important to outline your goals and how you plan to achieve them. The plan may include: a definition for social media marketing, an explanation of why and how you are using social networking to promote your business, and ways you are measuring the return on investment. 

  4. Image
    Most, if not all, social networking site accounts have a place for an image. A professional logo is preferable for business accounts. Posting pictures of staff and events can help inform the public of the positive atmosphere/workplace, fringe benefits for employees, and community involvement. 

  5. Description
    Each site has place holders for information describing the person/facility. 

  6. Contact
    All social networking sites allow you to provide contact information. Be consistent with the contact information you provide if maintaining multiple sites. Always provide your phone number, website address if one exists, and email address. 

  7. Disclaimer
    Make sure to include a disclaimer somewhere on your business profile(s) to protect you and your business. Your disclaimer should include the purpose of your profile, your relationship to the profile, and what can and should not be posted on your profile by others. 

For more information on using social media as a recruitment tool for health care professionals, please contact Katherine Baldwin via email or at (334) 206-6442. 

Page last updated: March 15, 2024